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Cleaning Agent (RST-5)

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Cleaning Agents


      the Friendly cleaner!

The Product

RST-5 is an aqueous cleaner, which replaces solvents being used to remove uncured resins, paints, printing inks, greases, silicones and other sealants. Since no emulsion takes place, cleaner and waste can easily be separated. The water used in the cleaning process is often reusable.


RST-5 contains no solvents at all!

That is the reason why the waste cannot emulsify with the cleaner. Depending on the specific weight, it will either sink to the bottom or float to the surface.


Benefits of RST-5:

  • Non flammable
  • Environmentaly friendly
  • Free of solvents
  • Self Separating (waste and cleaner don't mix)
  • Easy and safe transportation and storage
  • Reduction of waste
  • No evaporation
  • Economically in price and usage (re-usable)

Cleaning a roller will take less than 4 seconds:



How to cleanalt

RST-5 concentrate is mixed 1:20with water and acts more or less diswashing soap. When doing dishes you need warm water, soap and a brush to achieve good results. The same applies to RST-5. The ideal temperature for the removal of resin is about 40 degrees Celsius (110 degrees Fahrenheit) or hgher.
To facilitate quick cleaning ICT has disigned several heated cleaning station made of polypropylen. Polypropylene is reasonable priced and almost nothing sticks to it, so it retains its good looks even the GRP environment.

Every few days, RST-5 and water must be added. Water evaporates and RST-5 binds itself to resin particles.


Once a week or in longer intervals (depending on intensity of use) resin sludge is collected separated and stored in a BigBag or drum until dry. In most countries it can be disposed of as ordinary indastrial waste.

Cleaning with RST-5 means that you must actively clean your tools like using a scrubbing brush or board. When you do, it only takes a few seconds to clean most tools.


Reduce waste outputalt

Increase the temperature of the RST-5 resin-waste to 70 degrees Celsius and the strusture of the immersed resin will change.

This picture demonstrates how water and resin separate after the heating cycle.

After the resin has been fitered out, the now clear water can be returned to the cleaning station to be re-used. When the resin-waste has dried, its volume is greatly reduced.

RST-5 has been dermatologically tested and is approved as a non-allergic product, enabling us to apply a special version of it on wipes that have the same amazing qualities. They remove all the above mentioned products like silicones Sicaflex and such without allowing these products to enter the skin.
The latest development is a RST-5 based hand soap with the same qualities. This soap doesn't open the pores and remove body oils as others do allowing the skin to dry out and crack.

Product range:

•RST-5 - Industrial soap (presently 3 versions for different applications on the market)
•PowerTowel (practical tissues impregnated with RST-5)
•RST-5 Power hand soap

For further details please have a look at web-site of RST-5:



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